Allianz Global Assistance Visitors to Canada

Allianz Global Assistance Visitors to Canada travel insurance helps protect you and your family from unexpected costs resulting from a medical emergency while visiting Canada.

Travel insurance does not cover everything. For full terms and conditions, including limitations and exclusions, please refer to the policy document. Travel insurance is underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company, administered by Allianz Global Assistance, which is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc. and distributed by MSH International (Canada) Ltd. o/a Ingle International.

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Key Features & Benefits

Overall Maximum Limit $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $150,000, $300,000
Deductible Options No deductible, $100, $250, $1,000, $3,000
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Stability Period Ages 59 and younger: 90 days prior to policy effective date. Ages 60-79: no coverage for pre-existing heart conditions, stroke or mini-stroke; 180-day stability prior to effective date for other conditions
Side Trips Covers worldwide travel as long as the majority of the policy duration is spent in Canada. No coverage while in country of origin
Maternity No coverage for maternity expenses
Excluded Sports All professional sports, motorized contests, stunt activities, any skiing out of bounds, heliskiing, ski jumping, skydiving, sky-surfing, SCUBA diving (except if certified by internationally recognized and accepted program, or if diving depth does not exceed 30 metres), whitewater rafting (except grades 1 to 4), street luge, skeleton activity, mountaineering, or participation in any rodeo activity
Recommended for Super Visa Travellers Yes - ages 89 and younger
Hospital Accommodation/Physician Reasonable and customary costs
Ambulance Reasonable and customary costs
Prescription Drugs $1,000 or 30-day supply
Emergency Transportation Economy airfare to country of origin, including medical attendant or stretcher; air ambulance, if medically necessary
Specialists and Therapists $500 per profession for physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, chiropodist, podiatrist, acupuncturist
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Up to overall maximum limit
Flight Accident N/A
Quebec Residents The name and contact information of the insurer, together with the warnings about the consequences of misrepresentation or concealment, are described in the insurance policy (please click below on “Policy Wording”).

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