Gold International Student Plan

The Gold plan provides enhanced medical coverage for international students in Canada. In addition to emergency medical expenses, this plan also provides coverage for a check-up and an eye exam (when annual coverage is purchased), as well as the services of various medical practitioners. Family coverage and coverage for side trips outside of Canada are available. Underwritten by Lloyd's Syndicate Management Limited/Lloyd’s Underwriters. Rates are subject to change without notice. Please note that premiums will be charged at the time of completion of a policy purchase.

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Key Features & Benefits

Daily Rate $2.25
Yearly Rate $785.00
Minimum Policy Premium $40.00
Maximum Sum Insured $2,000,000
Physician and Hospital Fees Included
Ambulance Ground: $10,000, Taxi: $100, Air: $250,000
Prescription Drugs Up to 30-day supply
Other Professional Services Up to $500 per profession for physiotherapist, chiropractor, licensed chiropodist, osteopath, podiatrist, massage therapist
Maternity $10,000
1 General Checkup - Applicable to annual plans Included up to $100
1 Eye Exam - Applicable to annual plans Included up to $100
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage Subject to stability period of 90 days prior to effective date
Quebec Residents For more information with regards to the name and contact information of the insurer, together with the warnings about the consequences of misrepresentation or concealment, please click here.
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